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The Best Man has High Anxiety! Flop sweat and nausea! How to handle people's surprises. Why did the groom need his mother's advice right before the ceremony? The huge house from Air BnB.

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The Trains! The Trains! Special Guest: Christopher Shelley. The ceremony next to the train line. A different way of arranging the couple and the officiant. How does the couple want to be introduced? Constructing the couple's story.

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"Your God and my God are the same God!" Special guest event planner supreme, Wendy Dahl, The Hindu mother of the bride asked Wendy to pray with a coconut. The groom arrives on a sled pulled by a team of huskies.

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Another wedding ceremony in the rain! JP isn't covered by the tent. We are ranked 98 in Italy! The great discussion of "I do" vs. "We do". The bride needed to be redirected.

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Special Guest: Brit Bertino. Event professional and author of the brand new book "Ceremonies Unveiled"! Wedding ceremonies from around the world as told by couples and their families with amazing images from the best photographers in the event business.

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Halloween Wedding Ceremonies! All guests in costumes. The backdrop is covered in spider webs and says, "Til' Death"! The mother of the groom is dressed in black. The legend of "Clint Richards".

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Why isn't the bride listening to me? Struggling to get the couple to pay attention when the officiant wants to share pre-ceremony instructions. When the officiant is just a hired gun. Has the event planner given too many ceremony instructions?

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10/20/2020. How a specific day becomes popular for weddings. Clint's real-life reality show wedding. The Father really wants to say a prayer! The Groom asks JP, "When will I get it?"

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Zoom for wedding adaptations and adjustments. "The Art of Gathering" by Priya Parker. How to go into every meeting and ceremony with specific intentions.

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The very first online wedding! The prenuptial agreement was finalized just minutes before the wedding ceremony! How Clint discovered his process for intimate and personal Vows.

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The groom doesn't recognize the bride! How to be discreet with a high-profile couple. Oops, that man isn't her father, he's the groom. How has brought a super-powered zoom experience to the event industry.

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Special Guest Taylor Griffith, web site copywriting and branding expert, specializing in inclusive language for the wedding industry! "Lemon Tree Editorial",

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Every day is a Wedding Day! How the pandemic has shifted the wedding landscape. How does it feel when the couple just wants the basics? When the couple has multiple wedding celebrations.

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The bride wants to have an entrance at her elopement. What are the seagulls saying? When the grooms cry. What kind of circle are you talking about? Sacred rug.

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JP does a 120 guest wedding ceremony. What does it feel like to be back officiating a large wedding during a pandemic? The flower girl with the perfect answer. Why are the guests looking directly into the sun?

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Modifications for officiants during this pandemic. Talk less and don't touch the rings. Wearing a mask requires vocal training. If the wedding ceremony is on Zoom, remember to include the viewing audience.

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Have you ever worked with a drunk couple? How does Clint bring up the sunset and the timing of the meal? JP has a 150 guest wedding during the pandemic!

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"Angry Mother-In-Law" viral video. Is this a cautionary tale that could have been avoided? What does the video actually reveal? What questions should an officiant ask at the first meeting with the couple? The security guard sits between the mother and father.

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The wedding with 150 guests. Restrictions drive innovation! How does an officiant balance talking with the guests and/or the couple during a ceremony? "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters" by Priya Parker. The Jew Next Door Podcast. Spiritual Cake Podcast.

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Less Talk, Less Spit! The guests created their own social distancing for the ceremony. How will people react to weddings as we move through the pandemic? The beautiful feeling of community with wedding professionals!

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Does JP memorize his wedding ceremonies? How to safeguard the officiant. How to begin the introductory meeting with a couple. Is chit chat really necessary?

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JP is back! The special ceremony JP constructed for his god daughter's beach wedding. How we adjust to the intimacy of micro wedding ceremonies. What works for a small ceremony that may not work for a large wedding?

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Special guest, Joel Curtis. Email us at Share the podcast with your social media tribes!

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Special guest Joel Curtis. Exploring reading a wedding ceremony compared to having a memorized ceremony. What are the skills necessary to create an emotional connection to the couple during the ceremony? Is it wise from a business perspective to give the wedding ceremony to the event planner?

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Special guest, Joel Curtis. Report on "What's Wrong With This Picture" online game. Why are the glass vases in the aisle? Why didn't florist add weight to the ceremony flower container so it wouldn't blow over in the wind? A pretty picture of a wedding ceremony site may not tell the whole story!

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Special Guest Joel Curtis. Let's play a game! "What's Wrong With This Picture" the Wedding Ceremony Edition. Is the couple the top priority? Fixing logistics before the ceremony.

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Officiating the next phase of the pandemic. What are good and effective safety protocols? Giving hope to the wedding industry.

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A beach wedding with double social distancing. The mother of the groom can't hear. What will the new normal be after the pandemic?

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Welcome back! Inside the wedding industry during a pandemic. What will weddings look like moving forward? Will each ceremony contain more emotional impact? How some couples still want to do something on their original wedding date.

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Corona virus

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Should a wedding officiant allow another officiant to watch them perform a ceremony? Is the content proprietary or open source? What is original compared to a variation?

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Working with a co-officiant. How involved should the officiant be with logistics? How to ease fears and pre-ceremony jitters. Should the officiant overrule the event planner?

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Wedding traditions in different countries using umbrellas. The German "umbrella dance". The Japanese and Chinese red parasols. The French recessional with an umbrella. Clint announces the first official "Wedding at the Arnold" in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival 2020 in Columbus, Ohio, on March 5th.

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Jewish/Catholic ceremonies. Interfaith rituals. The bride doesn't want what her mother wants. The purpose of a ritual. The importance of the officiant attitude with unfamiliar customs.

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Variations on the combining wine ritual. Is it a unity ritual or end of ceremony celebration? Are ceremony programs a collectible or keepsake or an information tool? When an officiant is gracious.

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Special guest Aretha Gaskin. How she helps officiants and celebrants around the world. When the couple did not want the mother of the groom to participate in the ceremony but she definitely did. When the father of the bride was a deacon in his church but the couple didn't want any mention of God in the ceremony.

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The Unity Candle and Jewish candle lighting hybrid ritual. How big should the Unity Candle be? When the Unity Candle is taller than the hurricane lamp.

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The polka dot bride's dress. No veil, no train and no wedding party make for much less distractions. If you want to look as pretty as you did in the bridal dress shop, have your ceremony indoors.

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Wedding in the rain, part 2. There is a big horse. The microphone doesn't work. The bride's personal vows are too long. The groom didn't write his personal vows. Clint is the ring bearer.

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Another wedding in the rain, part 1. The bride thinks it's romantic. The veil can get wet but not dirty. The event planner is an example of excellent communication. The guys with the umbrellas.

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Does the officiant help the couple write their Personal Vows? Will the officiant look bad if the Personal Vows suck? When the client tries to haggle the fee. When officiants insist on the content of their ceremonies.

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Special guest, Lee Dyson. How excellent DJ plans and executes wedding ceremony music. How to understand the emotional impact songs can have before, during, and after the ceremony.

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Wedding MBA for officiants recap.  "Without me, there is no wedding!" What is the officiant's actual role on a wedding day?  What could possibly go wrong?

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The photographer in the black, leather tank top.  Is the bride, wedding professional or guest dealing with mental illness or on a spectrum?  JP discovers that he and the bride's uncles had the same kindergarten teacher.

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JP's Groom of the year, decade and century! The brain-dead dance of the Groom and the Father of the Bride. How do you do the Wine ritual?

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The bride says "I am beautiful!". The flower girl hits the grass face first. "Better her than me." Not instructing the guests to rise until the bride is at the aisle. The Whispering Frenchman.

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Special Guest: Jana Williams, excellent photographer. Why communicating with the photographer is so important. The officiant that took focus away from the couple. The officiant that refused to ask the guest to stand.

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Where are the Rings? When an amateur officiant doesn't know what to check before the ceremony. What are the transitions between segments of a wedding ceremony? Why do some officiant feel the need to lecture about the pitfalls of marriage?

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The Maid of Honor wore a T-rex costume during the ceremony. JP has another encounter with the Father of the Bride. The bride didn't want JP to use a microphone at the beach. The guests clap along with the ice cream truck music.

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Clint reads a scam email. Why is the photographer behind the officiant for the entire ceremony? Groom gives permission to edit the ceremony while it's happening. The importance of the officiant's energy.

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Special Guest Jeannie Savage. Event planner supreme. How her background as GM of top hotels led to a successful career as an event planner. The officiant who couldn't see the tree.

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Special guest Cantor Marc Bachrach. Combining Jewish traditions with contemporary melodies. Singing the Ketubah. Adding modern dance and bubbles to the seven blessings.

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Sand Sculpture bottles with small tops. The elopement couple that survived a terrorist shooting. Let the groom smell the bouquet. Wedding officiants need to have a support team.

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The musicians are in the way. How is the singer going to get to her microphone? Where is the music for the Unity Candle? Who are the second singers? How to roll with the punches.

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There's a spider in the groom's hair. Another couple in their seventies. Mickey and Minnie are the greeters. The vow renewal couple kept kissing each other while the singer performed. The Unity candle in the sun.

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JP marries the parents of a bride that got married seven years ago. Working with a couple in their 70's. The unique energy of the different generations of wedding couples.

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"How to Beat the Heat at an outdoor summer wedding", an article in Is that good advice? The Ring Bearer takes a selfie with the couple during the ceremony.

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The Vows. What are the guidelines for the Personal Vows? When is the actual commitment of the couple during the ceremony? How to handle the Rings.

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Thanks to listener Thalia. The mother-in-law wore a white bride dress. The ceremony sound system is broken. How checklists can save the day. How to guarantee success with an ethnic ritual.

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The same-sex penguin wedding ceremony. JP gets to break a plate during the ceremony. The reading was in Greek and English. The wandering two-year-old. The wedding ceremony flash mob.

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The ceremony start time is an hour earlier and no one told the officiant. Always show up at least an hour before invitation time. The heat shows up again. JP and the elderly couple that exhibited the true meaning of the wedding vows.

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The bride read her personal vows to the guests. The groom who stared at JP's chest. The bride's revealing robe. The bride who saw the one incomplete program out of 300. The bride has a really small bladder.

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The League dating app. The bride had her wedding party walk 25 feet three times at the rehearsal. Where is the "middle of the aisle"? The officiant gave a five minute history of Baha'i. How to make the familiar more interesting.

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The bride's Personal Vows are missing. Clint had to figure out how to get the PV's printed and delivered to the ceremony. How to handle the bride's blusher. When the wind wanted to blow the long veil into the first row.

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Special guest Maryam Forutan, event planner. The story of the bridezilla, her mother, her father, and the groom. Lies, threats, physical altercations, verbal abuse and yelling in the five star resort lobby.

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More lost children of weddings. Little boys will be little boys. The best man asks JP if there's time to take care of extremely personal business. The grandmother can't finish the scripture reading.

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JP responds to the email from author and officiant Christopher Shelley. "Best. Ceremony. Ever". Clarification about the couple's history during the ceremony and reading the couple's personal words. The client determines the style of the officiant.

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The Brazilian couple who had personal vows and special guest speaker all in Portuguese. The ring bearer kneeled. Only a great event planner could create a spectacular wedding in just three weeks.

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Listener Adam and the train. The groom wrote a poem to his bride but wanted JP to read it during the ceremony. Why does a couple want to include their back story into the ceremony?

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The officiant who couldn't handle stage lighting. The officiant huddles with the couple for five minutes at the beginning of the ceremony. The bride was obsessed with the photographer. The talking couple.

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The venue contact didn't show up for the ceremony. The joy of elopements. The grooms that were bored, defiant or arrogant.

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A woman sends out invitations to her wedding before the proposal. Another lost child of weddings but this time with dogs. The reader who actually did a brilliant job by memory. How the couple honored the MOB with Alzheimer's during the tea ceremony.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_227.mp3
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Why the couple must write down their Personal Vows. Why doesn't she love the puppy as much now? It's good to know if there's a doctor on the guest list.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_226.mp3
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Special guest Christopher Shelley. How an actor from Boston became a successful wedding officiant in New York. Doing Valentine weddings on the TV show "Rachel Ray". Author of book "Best. Ceremony. Ever." available everywhere.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_225.mp3
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Should the couple include something they don't like about each other in their personal vows? How do they do that? The kindergarten wedding ceremony of the letters "Q" and "U". When the bride told Clint to take off his tie chain.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_224.mp3
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When the wedding officiant starts crying during the ceremony. How to handle the situation when emotion threatens to get the best of you. What triggers tears?

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_223.mp3
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The ex-girlfriend shows up to the wedding wearing a bridal gown. The officiant who ran up the aisle and jumped into the arms of the groomsmen. How to help the couple begin the wedding planning from the inside out.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_222.mp3
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Special guests: Photographer Meghan Lubeck & Planner Emilee Sutherland, hosts of the Wedding Therapy Podcast. Instagram @weddingtherapypodcast. The Hawaiian/Irish ceremony. Meghan's hair on fire.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_221.mp3
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Adding scents to a wedding. Is it too much? The program was written like a movie script. How outside noise doesn't have to ruin the ceremony.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_220.mp3
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The brides exchanged daughters instead of rings. Does Clint hand out business cards at the school crosswalk? How to include nuance and subtlety when officiating a wedding ceremony. JP's communication student had SBF.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_219.mp3
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The ring bearer sat in the Father of the Bride's seat. Someone please come get the flower girls. They don't know where to go. The Mother of the Bride wants to look "hot". The groom serenaded his bride during the ceremony.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_218.mp3
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The bride read aloud the groom's cheating texts during the ceremony. When there's no wedding but still a party. The couple who postponed their wedding so they could do therapy together. The final episode of 2018

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_217.mp3
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The wedding guests wore blindfolds because the bride was blind. Adding scents to the wedding experience. The couple wanted a Costco wedding. Amazing December weddings.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_216.mp3
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Post Thanksgiving. When you think to your self about the couple, "Who are you people?" The extremely bored Maid of Honor. The couple memorized their Personal Vows then gave each other a lap dance during the reception.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_215.mp3
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Special guest: Renee Dalo, event planner, The family friend officiant who started the ceremony without the bride. The 30 second ceremony. The ceremony logistics are theatrical but the priority is the couple's experience.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_214.mp3
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Best man gives a cup check. Flower girl makes a pile of petals. The bride was so introverted and nervous she loses her lunch. The bride who refused to look at anyone.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_213.mp3
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Special guest Michelle Wahila, wedding officiant in Paris. Performing ceremonies for all in the City of Lights. Clergy clothing for women:

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_212.mp3
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Special guest Gil Zuniga. Long career as DJ/MC now owner/operator. Why is a first time officiant so nervous? Saying "husband & wife" only once. The five kegger wedding. The Uncle used sock puppets.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_211.mp3
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Clint's not going to Mexico. Is travel included in the contract? JP's crying groom. The outdoor wooden aisle.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_210.mp3
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Photographer shoves step-mother out of the way. Another wandering wedding child. A quarter of the guests remain standing with their phone cameras.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_209.mp3
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Does the couple need a reading? Finding the right reading for a child reader. JP doesn't do readings. The hugging wedding party. Does a wedding planner need training on how to handle reality show drama?

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_208.mp3
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The Pianist saves the day with good tech. A grand piano and church pews on the grass. JP wants something happening while someone is singing. The Sand Sculpture is lacking.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_207.mp3
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Beginning the ceremony with a welcome in their native language. JP marries a groom who used his book as an officiant for his groomsman's wedding. How an object can transform into emotional significance during a ceremony.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_206.mp3
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Wedding Llamas. The groom and the lost cufflink. JP and the over active dog. Getting to know JP's favorite grandmother. How brides who don't want to cry contort their faces.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_205.mp3
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JP talks about the bride who passed away. How the power of hope and faith is intertwined in the Vows. Sami in Colorado writes about the adopted bride inviting her birth mother and sisters to be in her wedding. Reality show drama ensues.

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The bride who demanded $1500 from each guest. The drunk woman who isn't the MOB. The uninvited dog. The wandering flower girl who just wasn't having it.

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JP's business communication class.  "Ghosting".  How does the officiant just appear?  Separating the cell phone announcement from the ceremony.  The Maid of Honor got fired.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_202.mp3
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Guest Charley King, How a long career in musical theater created a great event planner. When people faint during the ceremony. When the airplane was part of the ceremony. When the seagull made a large deposit in the groom's coat.

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Episode 200! Retelling the best stories. The hamburger groom. The vomiting aunt/thank you Jesus wedding. Weather! Why are some guests late to the ceremony?

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_200.mp3
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Dealing with Physics. Flowers go boom. Can your wedding professional handle disaster? The couple practiced the kiss. The beautiful dignity of the Buddhist mother.

Direct download: Wedding_Ceremony_Podcast_199.mp3
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